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Who we are

The JoinUs4Health consortium includes 11 partner from three European countries. Three of these partners are research institutions implementing population-based cohort research in their study regions in Germany (Mecklenburg-Pomerania), the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Poland (Bialystok).

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How to join us

You can submit suggestions, vote on other suggestions and contribute to topics by working on tasks or in teams. Or simply sit back and explore existing contents! This page shows you an overview of activities.

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Our rules

Suggestions, comments and contributions undergo a review to provide a safe environment for everyone. Team interactions are coordinated by a facilitator, who can be anyone - also you. Help us ensure responsible interactions by contributing to JoinUs4Health-related tasks!

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Main focus area
One Health

One Health is an integrated, unifying approach that looks at human, animal and ecosystem health together. Explore first topics such as the new One Health module of the SHIP study in Germany (see newsletter 1) or activities organised by partners in Bialystok on the topic "forest bathing".

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Sedentary lifestyle

The scientific literature clearly indicates that a sedentary lifestyle increases overall mortality and the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer (breast, colon, colorectal, endometrial and ovarian cancer).

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What are topics?

Topics are supported by a facilitator. Any platform user can become a facilitator given the agreement to coordinate communications and resulting teams and tasks. A plan needs to be outlined, which will be opened for feedback via the platform.

The topic remains online for at least two weeks before interactions can start to allow time for feedback and recruit volunteers. Thereafter, volunteers contribute to tasks or teams. The facilitator provides monthly feedback to a moderator, who serves as primary point of contact.

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Most recent suggestions
What are suggestions?

Suggestions may include a topic/question of interest, a proposed research question, information or training need, an offer, good practice examples or other types of suggestions. Contribute your suggestion or vote on suggestions of others. Whilst only some suggestions can be addressed via topics, teams and tasks, all form a valuable collation for future platform users, scientists and others.

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Tasks are always linked to a topic. Whilst some tasks relate to the JoinUs4Health concept (for example review suggestions, become a facilitator, promote a topic), other tasks focus on health-related contents. With at least 15 minutes of your time you can already make a valuable contribution.

Population-based health research in the context of public health: What are your suggestions?
Valid until: 01 July 2023
Citizens / Citizens' organisations
External source
Feedback on the JoinUs4Health platform
Valid until: 31 December 2023

Teams are always linked to a topic. Our teams strive to flatten hierarchies and value a wide range of perspectives. Explore new ways of working together, engage in discussions or become creative with other team members. Outputs will be reported via the platform.

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