Public Health Topic: Strengthening the sun protection competence of the population

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On the topic of health behaviour, the focus was on the sun protection competence of the population and the effects of sunburns in childhood on health in adulthood. For example, the definition of the term sun protection competence and which information materials on sun protection already exist for children, adolescents, adults, older people and professionals and which measures are implemented in kindergartens and schools. In the meetings with representatives of the public health service, questions were defined that are divided into two work packages:

1) Knowledge collection - evidence synthesis

1.1) What is sun safety literacy?

1.2) What information material on sun protection already exists for the population (children, young people, adults, older people)?

1.3) What information materials on sun protection already exist for professionals (health, education)?

1.4) Which sun protection measures (individual, structural) exist and to what extent are they evidence-based?

1.5) Which sun protection measures are already established in kindergartens or schools?

1.6) What concerns or myths about sun protection exist and how should they be addressed?

2) Evidence from population studies - new analyses and/or compilation of previously published results.

2.1) How often do people have sunburns in childhood? Are there differences between population groups?

2.2) What is the impact of a sunburn history on health in adulthood?

In the next three months, the tasks developed on the topic will be worked on together with representatives from science, public health services and other interested parties. The results will be communicated publicly via the platform and discussed with the public health service in a second virtual event block.

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Marlene Lakemann
28 November 2023, 08:44
Um einen Überblick über das Thema Sonnenschutzkompetenz zu erhalten, wurde eine Sammlung mit nützlichen Links von Institutionen zusammengestellt.
21 March 2024, 03:48
I live in a tropical area so my family and I often go to the beach to relax or celebrate. That was the only time I wore sunscreen - only as a child. Even then, my cousins and I would bathe for hours so at the end of the day, our skin would have sun b... [Read more]
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