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Mental health prevention for young people
Submitted by Katarzyna SocLab / 24 October 2023, 16:07
The Youth Council of Bialystok (Poland), in cooperation with the SocLab Foundation, has developed recommendations on mental health prevention. They are based on a diagnosis carried out during the Youth Forum on Mental Health "Youth for Youth" on 13 June 2023. More than 50 male and female students from secondary schools participated. Together, we diagnosed problems in three areas: stress, fatigue, depression. We listened to and recorded the experiences of the young people and their ideas on how they can be supported. We invite you to discuss these solutions. Perhaps you have other ideas? The recommendations were developed by: Representatives of the Youth Council of the City of Bialystok: Bartosz CieĊ›lak, Patrycja Jacewicz, Konrad Ochrymiuk Pawel Potas. From SocLab Foundation: Dr. Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska, Michal Lemanski.