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On the topic of climate and health, the participants discussed in particular how the population's exposure to heat can be measured and what information is already available to inform the population more effectively. What information, measures and resources are needed to effectively protect the population, especially vulnerable groups?

The following tasks / questions were defined:

1) Knowledge collection - evidence synthesis.

1.1) How are heat days defined, and at what threshold should attention be paid?

1.2) How is heat death defined?

1.3) How is heat-associated mortality calculated by the Robert Koch Institute?

1.4) What influence does heat have on the metabolism?

1.5) How burdened is society and how can this burden be measured?

1.6) What factors / pre-existing conditions influence the risk of heat death?

1.7) What information is already available on the impact of heat on health and how does it differ? Evaluation of existing information (e.g. education on drinking behaviour)

1.8) What information can be made available to the population or already exists to protect against heat-associated risks?

1.9) Which structural offers would be useful to reduce heat-associated risks?

1.10) What measures are necessary to improve the database on heat-related deaths and, if necessary, to enable small-scale analyses?

2) Evidence from population studies - new analyses and/or compilation of already published results

2.1) Which weather data were linked to the (SHIP) data?

2.2) Which analyses of the SHIP data are possible to make statements on the influence of heat on health?

2.3) What results on the influence of heat on health are already available in SHIP?

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