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Hi everyone! As the Youth Council of the City of Bialystok, in cooperation with the SocLab Foundation as part of the international project "JoinUs4Health", we are preparing a meeting "Young to young", during which we want to raise the topic of mental health of young people today. We are convinced that this is an extremely important issue and deserves our attention. However, we would like to hear your voices to make the meeting as relevant to your needs as possible. Therefore, we ask you - what are your most important mental health issues? It could be stress, pressure from overwhelming responsibilities, feelings of loneliness, difficulties in dealing with your emotions, or anything else that affects you. Our aim is to organise a meeting that will be really useful and valuable for you as young people. We are aware that mental health is a topic often associated with taboo and shame, so we want to create a safe space where everyone can express their opinions and share their experiences. We rely on your honesty and courage to share what is bothering you. Your opinions are extremely important to us and will allow us to better understand your needs in order to make the 'Young to Young' meeting the most valuable experience possible. Thank you for your help and we invite you to actively participate in the preparations for the meeting! Greetings! Youth Council of the City of BiaƂystok and the SocLab Foundation! If interested, select "Contribute".

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